Neuraxpharm is a new company, founded with a specific mission: research, development and commercialization of innovative molecules for the prevention and treatment of diseases in the Psychiatric, Neurologic and Geriatric field.


If we could give it a character, we would like to present Neuraxpharm as a company where the commitment, motivation and constant attention to the needs of the Medical class of our reference represent the pervasive value, always present.





This specialization is meant to be a total commitment, permeating every level of business and related to each choice and consideration: strategic, operational and, above all, technological and cultural.



 Neuraxpharm is a company driven by innovation and research. All products are generated thanks to the developments of the most recent studies and a constant collaboration with the Medical Specialist class and the Scientific Institutions.


 Neuraxpharm aims to achieve and maintain excellence in every single step of its business and, in particular, in the creation of a solid relationship with Psychiatrists, Neurologists, Geriatricians, and in general with the whole Medical and Scientific class committed to the same goals. According to this line of thought, Neuraxpharm will always try to provide maximum support to science communication and to the promotion of cultural exchanges.


Neuraxpharm has developed business relationships with the best companies in the world to ensure steady progress, optimum safety, compliance and effectiveness of each molecule marketed.




Founded as FB Health in 2010, the company has always been engaged in the research, development and marketing of innovative pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products for the prevention and treatment of deseases affecting the Central Nervous System in elderly, young adults and children, with particular attention to the Neurological, Geriatric, Psychiatric and Child Neuropsychiatric targets.

On 1 July 2017 the company was acquired by the NuPharm Group joining Invent Farma based in Barcelona and Neuraxpharm based in Düsseldorf. Later on, other specialist european pharmaceutical companies joined the group.

As part of this unification process in October 2018, the Group and its associated companies have rebranded under a unique name, Neuraxpharm, whose sole objective is to become the CNS Specialist in Europe.

Having become Neuraxpharm Italy, the company is today one of the players on the European platform, thanks also to the strategic contribution of the other 6 associated pharmaceutical companies of the Group.



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